Abundance 2


Oil painting on canvas


80×60 cm




CZK 17000 (cca $792)

About the Artwork

This piece is a sequel to a painting called Abundance, which I made recently. I believe that Abundance helped me attract more wealth into my life, so I decided to create another one, maybe even stronger. I really enjoy painting these and they glow with such high and awesome energy, therefore, I think I will make even more.

This artwork was made shortly after I meditated. I was filled with a feeling of abundance, a feeling that I have enough money and things, everything I require. It is about acceptance of everything at this moment in life, and also, it is about having faith that everything I desire will come sooner or later. I wanted to express this feeling on canvas. I wanted to capture it, so it would stay with me here a little bit longer.

When I was painting it, I was connected to my higher self, very calm and serene. It was easy, the painting painted itself as if every brushstroke were planned before I made it.

Abundance is a very subtle painting, and it is different than most of my other work. But I didn’t feel the need to paint anything else on it. There is nothing else to be painted because there is enough of everything. The artwork still glows with its calm and positive energy of abundance, and because of that, it can be useful to anyone who could use more of it in their life.