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Artist Statement

My work often has a philosophical and spiritual subtext. In my artwork, I convey important messages and realizations that I have discovered on my own journey through life. I have spent years working on myself, and this is where these realizations come from. With my work and my story, I want to inspire others to pursue their dream. I want us to grow and build a better world together. I create unique pieces of art, and I want them to radiate a huge amount of positive energy into the space-time of their owners like a little sun, thus healing their psychic wounds and helping to overcome their mental blocks and obstacles.

Nowadays I paint for people and for the world, but I started painting for myself. It was the only way I was able to express myself then. I painted things I couldn’t talk about before for fear of what others would think of me. Over time, I wrote more and more information about my paintings, and I began to realize that maybe I had something to tell people. Now painting is no longer the only way of my expression, and therefore, I no longer paint only for myself, but rather for others.

I create differently on the spectrum between abstraction and realism, but I often prefer elements of abstraction that express my personality in my paintings. For me, the combination of abstraction and reality means the connection of soul and mind. One type of creation that I enjoy is painting in a meditative state with a clear intention for each artwork. In this case, however, it can no longer be said that I would be the one painting it, but rather my higher self or intuition. In this way, very interesting paintings are created that my ego would never be able to invent.

I create exclusively with oil because I like to play for hours with one layer of paint on the canvas. I often use the alla prima method, which basically means painting the whole artwork spontaneously and dynamically in one go. I’ve never been able to do that with acrylic, even though I’ve tried it in the past. That’s why I found out for the first time that oil is exactly right for my style of creation.

For me, creation means life. These are moments when I come to life and at the same time give life to new things that, like fragments, reflect my true essence.