Oil painting on canvas


55×55 cm





If you are interested in this piece, please, contact me

Lately, I have been thinking about who I truly am and I have come to conclusion that I am sick of wearing a mask. I am sick of being someone I am not. So, I took it off and I actually felt for a second as if I have gone insane. I felt like a mad man. But, it also felt good. It felt really great in fact. I know I now look like a crazy person sometimes but it actually makes me happy. I have stopped caring what other people think about me and it feels awesome. All I want now is to be 100% honest.

And this painting is just about this experience. About the great feeling of becoming authentic for the first time in a very long time in my life. It pictures how I grow as a person. This artwork is made to remind me of who I truly am and how it feels. I know that in the future it can also help someone else to remember. Or at least I really hope so

Learn more in video below: