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I also do custom paintings

If You are interested in having an artwork with your own theme, abstract or something closer to realism, send me a message here. We can make a deal.


What will I need to make a custom piece for You?

Something like a reference picture. I could use also a photo of Your interior and I need to know what colors to use.  Or if You like some of my older artworks and You would like something in a similar style but in different colors, for example, let me know which one would that be.


What can You expect?

I usually paint on a canvas, which is stretched over a wooden blind frame. And I mostly oil paintings. The cost of such a painting could be around 0,3-0,6 € to a square centimeter. It depends on how much time it will take me and how complex the work will be.


Here You can see some of my older custom works: