Death in the Mirror NFT

This artwork is inspired by one of my paintings I created a few years back. I digitalized it, animated it, and added sound effects. The original work was exhibited in Milan, Italy and this is an art analysis and written critical review by Art Curator Silvia Grassi:

“A glass mirror is used to look at the face and works of art are used to look at one’s soul”

(cit. George Bernard Shaw)

Looking in the mirror is a way of admiring one’s external figure, but it is also the only way to look straight into our own eyes and, being the eyes the mirror of the soul, therefore to look inside, to reflect on our internal aspects, not visible on the outside. The mirror places us before ourselves, showing us the outer and inner parts of our being, our body, and our soul. The same happens when we observe the works of an artist: the work is a mirror on his soul, a gateway for his deeper self.

The young Czech artist Misha Fryč, with his work entitled “Death in the mirror”, shows us what he sees reflected in the mirror: the abstract and the undefined contours image of death, which also symbolizes a distant future. But he is not afraid, on the contrary, he touches it with his hand. In fact, the work takes us inside his reflection and his very intimate and personal thought: the awareness that we do not live forever and therefore, without fear of the future, we must succeed in making the best of every single moment that is granted to us.

As we see in the work presented here, the communicative strength and effectiveness of Misha’s works is the ability to blend abstraction with realism, so as to unite dream and reality, fantasy and concrete events, inner thoughts and lived life in one whole.