Oil painting on canvas


80×60 cm




CZK 9000 (cca $420)

About the artwork

The idea behind this artwork comes from something I experienced when I was meditating. I filled my body with different energy (maybe an energy of my higher self) and saw my life as if I were a different person. For a moment I felt very powerful and able to change everything. I wasn’t just dreaming. It was as if my mind were filled with a different consciousness. There was no me, no ego.

At first glance, you might think the piece represents a fight between good and bad or light and dark sides of a man. But that is not what I had in mind. I wanted to capture how a different energy, thoughts, feelings, and memories can change your life. It is something like a view of your life in different parallel universe.

Perhaps, someday I’ll be able to use this power to change my energy for important things.

It makes such a difference what kind of energy is in your body.

It changes EVERYTHING.

It changes your whole life as you know it.

This piece is one of three coming from this experience. The other ones are Unlimited Potential and Everything Has a Purpose.