Freedom 2 NFT

This NFT is inspired by one of my paintings from the FREEDOM series I created a few years back. I digitalized it and animated it. Then my friend Daria Molnár, who is a spiritual business coach, musician, and much more, decided to compose a song for the artwork as well. What you can now enjoy is a unique piece of art made by two spiritual people joining hands to create something new.

And what does the artwork stand for?

The original artwork called Freedom was merely a vision of a wonderful future in which I would not have to live my whole life just in pursuit of money. It arose in my youth when I realized that it seemed as if people were like slaves who have to study hard to get a job. Get a job so they could afford to live and then just work until they basically die. When I realized that this was what my whole life would look like, I collapsed. I don’t want to live such a life. I will not live such a life. Nevertheless, I tried to suppress this feeling for many years and I did what normal people do. But then the feeling began to return to me on grey days and dark nights in the form of depression. Deep down, I knew I hadn’t been born to live a life like this, but I still denied this truth. In the meantime, I painted my feelings onto the canvas, often under the influence of alcohol, which helped me to keep it all together. This is also how the original artwork was created, which was a vision of how I wanted to live. I thought money was evil and we had to work hard for it. I imagined a life without it. But then I began to learn that it didn’t have to be this way at all. I began to learn how the mind works. I began to learn that the mind can be reprogrammed to turn my whole life upside down.

Now I am beginning to live my life the way I want, the way it is depicted in the original work only because I was able to change myself. Now I’m doing well, the money has stopped avoiding me and real freedom is here. Now, these artworks are no longer just visions, they already represent reality. I can fly away and do what is the purpose of my life.