Grounder Move your focus to the silence of the present

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Grounder Move your focus to the silence of the present

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Why Do We Think So Much?

We’ve learned to use our heads instead of our hearts.

Or rather, it seems like the head started using us.

Apparently, we have no control over that. We identify with and take personally every thought that crosses our minds. We forget that it’s just a little voice repeating things we’ve heard in the past.

And most importantly, we forget that it’s not us.

Especially when we have certain thoughts associated with pain. In those moments, it can be almost impossible to step out of it. Instead of staying calm and in what is really going on around us right now, we live in our thoughts. In our illusionary world, where we deal with the past or the future over and over again. We worry about things that aren’t really there.



It is only our interpretation of reality that troubles us.

When we really look around us, we realize that nothing is happening.


Why is that?

The biggest cause of our overthinking is fear.

Driven by fear for the survival of our imagined selves, we focus on the biggest threats and prepare for the worst possible scenarios.

Not only do we expend so much energy and attention on events that would never even happen, but we also use our imagination to create such situations in our lives.

I myself am no guru and despite a lot of effort and work to become aware of my inner world, I still get caught in the same traps. Sometimes it just seems to be stronger than me.

That’s why I created this painting.

Its purpose is to bring an end to the often toxic thinking that does more harm than good. It is meant to help people shift their attention to the body, to the heart, to the present moment, to the ground.

To ground oneself is to relax.

Anchoring yourself in the present.

In what’s real.

And to feel the support of your being.

To experience that everything is as it should be.

You can’t find that in thoughts. You can cultivate that by stopping listening to them. Because only then can you begin to perceive something greater. Something that’s always whispering to you and guiding you in the right direction. Something that is your essence.


Uzemňovač side


Oil on canvas


100×70 cm





Enjoy your peace of mind

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