How does my artwork help others?

I have been asking people who own my work how it helps them or what effect it has on them. Many of them said that it gives them hope. They also said that my paintings have a lot of energy and recharge them every day. My artwork gives them strength to face everyday life, to get out of bed in the morning, helps them to take better care of themselves, follow their hearts and do leaps of faith (probably in conjunction with some things/tips I said to them) or to simply do some more work. It gives them energy and joy while freeing them from fears and negative thoughts which might just stop them otherwise. I would say that my artwork has a high vibration, and it makes people in its presence to simply match it. By buying my work and putting it in their environment, they are elevating and keeping their vibe higher every day. It basically helps them to feel better. It is an investment in themselves. They don’t buy it only to put something nice on their walls.

Since all of this is true, my paintings have the potential to help overcome limitations and fears, heal traumas and wounds, or to transform. And that is why I do what I do. I want my paintings to radiate huge amounts of positive and healing energy the same way the Sun does. Every artwork is different, and it is created with a different intention, of course, but all of them carry my essence and are powerful in their own way. I create for others as well as for myself, but what I love the most is seeing the happy faces of my customers and hearing them telling me how much my paintings do for them.