Lady In My Life

a Michael Jackson Tribute


Oil painting on canvas


55×75 cm




Not available

If you are interested in this piece, please, contact me

It is night time. Sky with a full moon and stars that shine greatly. Underneath there are hills and pastures filled with starlight. As we get closer, we see two people lying down in the meadow. He is lying on his back while she is on him and listens to his heart. And their love surrounding them also lights up the night. It is made in a very limited palette, just black, white and red. And a little bit of blue. There is a lot of contrast between the night itself and the glowing light of love.

This artwork is about love and connection. About two people just being together. Nothing else matters. I used key words and phrases from the song and painted the image I had in my head.

There’ll be no darkness tonight
Lady our love will shine
Lighting the night
Just put your trust in my heart
And meet me in paradise
Now is the time girl
You’re every wonder in this world to me

A treasure time won’t steal away

So listen to my heart
Lay your body close to mine
Let me fill you with my dreams
I can make you feel alright
And baby through the years
Gonna love you more each day
So I promise you tonight
That you’ll always be the lady in my life

Lady in my Life is one of my favorite songs by Michael Jackson. This is why I decided to make this artwork inspired by him. I am planning some more paintings. A series inspired by the King of Pop.

Here you can see how the artwork came to be: