Lost & Found 2


Oil painting on canvas


60×50 cm





If you are interested in this piece, please, contact me

About the Artwork

I knew where to go, but I lost my way. Suddenly, I woke up in the fog now, not knowing how I got here. I’ve been moving slowly for the last few months, but I wasn’t really sure where I was going. I lost myself and my goal. I got into such a deep fog that I forgot what the sun looked like. Whenever the fog seemed to disappear, another immediately appeared. I began to doubt again whether my journey made any sense at all.

But then I started to realize what was really going on with me, and, most importantly, I realized that I was creating the fog myself. Maybe subconsciously but still just myself. The old wounds appeared to me, and I kept letting myself be controlled by the wounded ego, which let me wander in a fog of unworthiness and self-doubt. As I began to realize this and then focus on why I am really here and what I am really worth, I saw more and more clearly what was true and what was not. The fog has receded, and I now see my goal clearly again. I have found my confidence, and even though the fog is still trying to hold me, I go for my dream, for my stellar potential.