Love Not Fear


Oil painting on canvas


100×100 cm




CZK 14 500 (cca $678)

About the Artwork

Let’s not split up, let’s not fight each other. Let’s not be influenced by social media that only shows us what we want to see. We are all the same. I believe that if each of us went through someone else’s whole life, we would find that we would end up behaving exactly like the people we criticize. Let’s be more empathetic. Let’s try to overcome and empathize with the lives of others.

Let us not let the media cause us fear. After all, we don’t have to worry about it that much. Let’s turn off the TV, drop the phones, be alone and be together for a while.

We are not victims, we are the ones who take responsibility for their lives, and we will get through it all.

Let’s spread love, not fear.