Mortality NFT

This artwork’s purpose is to remind you that everything ends eventually. Everything good and everything bad. It is just a matter of time till every one of us leaves this place forever. It may seem depressive but on the other hand, it can force you to realize what is actually important in your life.

Give this artwork a moment to think about its message. Feel into it. Do you hear the clock of your life ticking? Do you see the sand running out of the hourglass? What if this is your last day, last hour, or last few minutes? What would you do with your life? What would you do right now at this moment? What would you do differently? What is the most important thing in your life?

What does the turning of the hourglass mean to you? Do you think it is a start of a new day? Or maybe reincarnation?

This artwork is inspired by one of my paintings I created a few years ago. It has such an important idea that I decided to bring it back into the world in a new form. A form of digital animation turned into one of my first NFTs.

There is also unlockable content in which the owner of the NFT can find the original video file, audio file, and High-resolution image of the NFT.