Oil paintings on canvas


4x 80×60 cm




CZK 49 000 (cca $2288)

About the artwork


This is the first painting of the collection. It portraits discomfort. The discomfort of feeling as if something went wrong. The disruption of our good mood or flow. When we feel down, it’s a great idea to go for a search and find what caused us to feel this way. We become more conscious and shine more light into the dark corners of our being.


When we in our feelings of discomfort search for the cause of our disharmonic state, we go back through the thoughts we experienced until we find the one that unsettled us.

We look at the thought consciously for the first time which may lead to a realization. We are becoming aware of our subconscious beliefs and wounds we forgot about. The very things running our reality in the background. The more conscious we are the less they can control us. There are many things you can do, just remember, they are not the whole truth of you.


After the realization, a whole new world opens up for us. We can discharge all of the accumulated emotions in a creative way by creating something new. We have the power to create universes. Stop holding ourselves back.


A peaceful resolution.
A new creation.

When we heal and release the hurt of our past, the cycle of reliving the same old experiences is broken and we are now able to see the world and our own self through a different set of eyes.

This is the final piece of the collection.