Oil painting on canvas


60×40 cm




CZK 6666 (cca $312)

About the Artwork

After finishing the painting Flower of the Sun, the connection sun-sunflower-solar plexus-yellow color struck me in the head. So it occurred to me that I could paint a picture that is a bit inspired by the Endearment series, but this time focused on the third chakra and with the sun, which is symbolized by the sunflower. I associate the third chakra with inner strength and self-confidence, and probably that is why I did this painting in a very dynamic way. It seems to me that it has no fear, has a lot of strength, energy and trusts itself. I imagine myself lying on my back in the grass, staring at the sky when suddenly a beautiful strong flower of the sun leans towards me and radiates a huge amount of energy. It charges me with inner strength and confidence. And I am just lying there letting it all in and thanking for the gift.