Oil painting on canvas


70x50x4 cm




CZK 11 111 (cca $520)

About the Artwork

I feel like slowing down for a while, and it’s pulling me out of the apartment. Lately, I’ve been in the flow a lot, listening to my intuition, which this time has led me to my favorite place in the nearby forest. I also took a notebook with me in which I will write thoughts and reflect.

I arrived in the woods and went on an adventure without knowing what awaited me. I knew where to go without knowing where I was going. I found a nice place under a tree, sat down, and leaned against it. It is amazingly peaceful and quiet here. Just nature, the breeze, and me.

It occurs to me that I could just lie down. I don’t listen to thoughts that tell me I’ll be dirty and that something must be crawling there. I lay down and surrendered. I surrendered to all the petty thoughts. I surrendered to the planet and the whole universe. I put all my resistance to all the things aside for a while and stopped figuring everything out.

With narrowed eyes, I see the sky shining through the trees. It’s all foggy, out of focus. But at the same time beautiful and complete. At that moment, I got the inspiration that whispered in my ear to take a picture of this moment somehow because it could make a very interesting painting. And then I lay there for a while longer and enjoyed my time without time.