Oil painting on canvas


90×60 cm




CZK 14 444 (cca $678)

About the Artwork

It is painted according to a picture I found on the internet but I made it mine. I let myself loose and the painting looks quite different in comparison to the reference picture. In the beginning, I was really uptight and restless. But then I started enjoying the process more and more as I got to the part I love most about painting. What I love the most is when the whole canvas is filled with all the paint where it is supposed to be and that’s when the time comes for me to start playing with it. That’s is the point when I give the artwork my energy and a piece of my soul. I was also listening to Bob Marley and his peaceful and loving songs while dancing a little too. I was filled with joy and you can really feel it from the painting. It radiates love, joy, and peace here in my apartment now. And it can do the same for you too. 💜