Way Home


Oil painting on canvas


65×55 cm




CZK 6666 (cca $310)

I am going home from work after a night shift. It was the last one, so I am free for a few days. It is a very warm summer morning with the sun already high up in the sky. When I see the beautiful scenery, I just have to stop the car on the side of the road and get out to take some pictures with my phone. I feel warmth on the back as the sun is behind me on the left. It creates these stripes of shadows across the road because of the trees that are on its sides. It is magical. So, I stand in the middle of the road and press the shutter button. This photo might be useful one day.

And it was. It is a year later now and I wanted to paint something different. I wanted to make something like an abstract landscape. Inspired a little bit by Van Gogh, but in my style as well. And this is what I came up with.