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How Could an Artwork Help You  Pursue Your Dreams?

First, you need to

actually start believing in your ability to achieve them.


I know how painful it is when your deepest desire seems unattainable.

I used to feel the same way and I don’t want anyone else to go through it.


Please, stop believing your thoughts telling you that you can’t do something, you’re not enough or don’t deserve.

They’re lies that paralyze you and cause you pain.


I want to show you that no situation is as hopeless as it seems.

The truth is, there is always a solution that you might not see because of your mindset.


That’s why I paint light in every artwork.


It’s a symbol of hope and infinite possibilities.

It’s a symbol of the omnipresent energy of the universe.

A symbol of our divinity.


It will help you find your way and be your support whenever you feel down.

Just like it helps others:


“I have this print across from my bed, so every morning when I wake up, I look at it and I feel like doing something. (It may seem like a trivial thing… but for a person who didn’t even want to exist a few years ago, it’s important.) In short, your paintings save and protect my life every day.”


Really, art can help you just by being in your presence.

It always shines.

And makes you shine as well.


Find Yourself Being More Productive And Creative


When you feel better and can keep your overall mood higher, you become more productive.

When at ease, you can create.

When feeling great, it happens on its own.

Ideas come out of nowhere, one after another, time passes and you’re done before you know it.

How valuable would it be if you were a bit more productive every day?

And after a few years, could it be the difference between time wasted and a dream come true?

Surround Yourself With Meaningful Things


If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to live a superficial life.

You may hate small talk but love deep conversations.

You simply want to live a fulfilled life and surround yourself with meaningful things.

Therefore, what I do is not just a decoration.

Every painting has a purpose to contribute to your life and inspire you to dive deep in yourself.

Purpose on the wall
Dreamer on the wall22

Discover Your Inner World


Because each artwork contains a message or a realization that I myself have come to, it can make you reflect on your own life, your beliefs, values and life experiences.

The art of self-reflection is one of the key qualities of successful people.

It helps you to understand why you are the way you are.

When you recognize your weaknesses, you can prepare for situations where you’re not at your best or not acting in accordance with your dreams.

Only then can you learn from your mistakes, refocus back on your goals and go beyond your limits.

The better you know yourself, the better you can work on yourself and grow.

And that is the path to success and overall happiness.

Shorten The Distance Between You And Your Dreams


The paintings will help you go through the process of transformation by alleviating and potentially resolving some distress in your life.

Certain artworks contain realizations and the energetic state of where you want to be.

On a subconscious level, they allow you to unearth your root limiting beliefs and everything that is separating you from the thing you want to achieve.

Such artwork can be your compass to guide you out of the labyrinth of your mind into the realm of realized dreams.

Uzemňovač wall16

Get In Touch With Your Soul And Divinity


They reach beyond the limits of our ordinary perception.

And by making you feel better they shift your attention away from ingrained patterns and overthinking.

That’s where you find calmness…

You begin to sense the guidance of your intuition connecting you with your essence, your soul.

You can feel the support of your being.

Feel that everything is exactly as it should be.

“It evokes in me gentleness, unconditional love, and freedom from everything earthly that binds us. Misha’s paintings have tremendous transcendence.”


“This painting to me is the perfect embodiment of beauty, love and unique art. Its grace and power awaken the heart of anyone who spends a moment in its company.

I recommend Misha’s paintings to anyone looking for a unique creation with a profound impact.”

Treat Yourself With Love

By purchasing such artwork, you are expressing love to yourself.

It is an investment in your environment, your energy, your life.

“…this painting really takes care of my soul. Plus – it gives me the power to take care of myself too.”